In every game, there are rules and regulations that has to be followed. If one of the players failed to obey the rules, he can be disqualified and not be able to play during the competition. In playing cricket too, all the players should follow the rules and regulations. Cricket is regarded as one of the greatest game in the world and there are many players of this sport from all over the world. For a beginner, this will serve as your guide to know more about cricket sport.

Let’s begin with the basic rules of Cricket sport. There are big tournaments being held like The Ashes and IPL League. The most popular is the ICC World Cup Cricket. What makes this sports very popular that it is even regarded as one of the greatest sports in the world? Probably, it is because of the skilled players. Anyway, know that this game is being played with the use of a bat and a ball. There are two teams having 11 players each.

There is substitute player just in case one of the players had an injury during the game. He is also known as a “twelfth man”. His main task is to act as a substitute fielder. When playing this game, the most basic rule is for the team to reach high score in runs not allowing the opponent to reach that score. Test Cricket is the traditional form of the cricket game. If the original player recovered, he can return and play again.