Sports can make a person have an active lifestyle. Among the famous sports being played by many in different parts of the world is cricket. This sports is being played by men. If you wonder where this sports came from, it originated from England. This is the national game of the country of England. In order to join in a game or competition, each team should be of 11 players and there has to be two teams. There should also be a captain for each team.

Before the game starts, both the captain of the team need to do the toss. Depending on the result of the toss, the one who wins will choose how they would start to play the game. It is either his team will bat first or bowls first. The rule of the game is actually simple. If the captain decided to bat first, then their main goal is to score a lot of runs. And for them to win the game, the other team must not reach their score.

There are different formats of the game. Among these formats, there are two that are very popular. It is the Test Cricket and the One Day Cricket. Between these two, the latter mentioned is the most popular. There are three key players of the cricket game. Batsmen, bowler, and fielder have a very important role throughout the game. It is good to know and distinguish the different types of cricket game which includes 20-Twenty Matches, T10 Matches, Super Sixes, 100-Ball Format, Indoor Cricket, and Blind Cricket.